Have you looked at our Christmas Specials?

Posted in Christmas by Jo Collier on 2nd December 2014.

Hello all Wren Davis Customers,

and a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you once again for supporting us throughout the year and making sure we can keep the tradition of milk delivery going strong into the future.

By now all our customers should have received their Christmas leaflet from their milkman, if you have not please let us know! It is packed this year with some really exciting products to bring a sparkle to your Christmas. With some great new addition such as a wider and better range of carefully selected cheeses. Brandy butter, jersey butter and goose fat to line your sides through winter; plus loads of products that are popular every year such as luxury cakes from the Cake Makers of Watlington, and honey from Parslows Apiaries. Have you seen our new juices? We now sell tropical juice and cherry juice all year round!

If you want to know more about our Christmas specials please click here to find out more.

If you have a question to ask please don’t hesitate to contact the office in all the usual ways and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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