Our Family Dairy Business in South Buckinghamshire

Traditional milkmen for over 90 years

We are a fourth generation local dairy business, delivering fresh British milk from farms in the Cotswolds up to 5 days a week. We also deliver a wide range of produce and groceries, many of them sourced locally, including: Tim’s Yoghurts from Chalfont St Giles, eggs from Mr Nixey at Chinnor, Honey from Parslow’s Apiaries in Bledlow, cakes and bread from Darvells Bakery in Chesham and Fruit and Vegetable boxes from N & P Fruits who are based on site.

We are based in Prestwood, Great Missenden and employ over 30 local people. Our dedicated milkmen and milkwomen deliver most rounds (almost 4,000 households and businesses) before 8am and some as early as 2am, ready for breakfast!

Our milk and grocery delivery service is FREE and we will always do our best to deliver come rain, shine or snow.

The History of Our Dairy                    

by Wendy Davis

The Davis Children

The Davis Children

My Grandfather, Wren Davis, started the dairy company in 1923 with 2 dairy cows called Daisy and Molly, at Collings Hanger Farm in Prestwood. (Hanger is an old term for a beech wood on a slope).

Wren delivered milk on a bicycle around the village, two or even 3 times a day – as few people had fridges and the milk was not yet pasteurised to help with the keeping quality.

Business Growth

The business grew progressively and a large bottling plant was built and extra milk was brought in from local farms.  The business prospered and in the 1980s 40 milk men and women would leave the depot in the early morning to provide a milk delivery to thousands of customers in a the local area.  However supermarkets were beginning to dominate the    high street, selling bread and milk as ‘loss leaders’, attracting people in for those items in the hope they bought other items whilst in the store (hence the reason milk and bread are usually placed at the back of the store!).  This meant that sustaining a dairy herd was impossible and the cows were moved to Devon.

Local and Fresh

The business is still run by the Davis family and the farm is run as an organic mixed enterprise.  The grassland is managed in an environmental and sustainable way with low stocking rates and no artificial fertilisers or sprays are used.  A variety of open days and farm walks are available throughout the year.

Our vehicles are a mixture of ecologically sound electric ‘floats’ for the local milk rounds and transit vans for longer distance deliveries.  The majority of milk is delivered in recyclable glass and due to the local produce we stock the ‘food miles’ are low.

We have just introduced a completely computerised delivery and stock system, including digital handheld devices for our delivery personnel, plus this website which hosts an online order and payments facility for the convenience of our customers.  A big step into the future for Wren Davis Ltd!

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