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Darvells Bread and Cakes

Posted in Products by Jo Collier on 29th February 2016 .

Great quality, luxury, local bread and cakes are now available for delivery to your door from Wren Davis Limited. Please note these are only delivered on a Friday, orders must be placed by 2pm on Wednesdays. Thanks to their success at Christmas we are now able to offer a regular delivery service of Darvells bread […]

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February Offers

Posted in Products by Jo Collier on 31st January 2016 .

In our continued effort to bring you great value produce delivered to your door we have extended many of our January offers and introduced some new offers for February. For the first two weeks of February 2016 we have a great offer on our barn eggs supplied by locally by Mr Nixey. One 1/2 dozen […]

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Christmas Products

Posted in Christmas, Products by Jo Collier on 2nd December 2015 .

By now you shouold have already receieved your 2015 Christmas leaflet, if you haven’t yet then please let us know and we will get one to you ASAP. It contains all are latest (and greatest) Christmas products and specials for you to order for delivery to your door from your milkman. We have tried harder […]

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Delightful Del Monte March Offer

Posted in Products by Jo Collier on 2nd March 2015 .

The sun is shining this morning, and the spring seems to be keenly on its way. Therefore to celebrate the end of winter we have decided to try and bring a bit of early summer feel to your morning routine with a great offer on pineapple and tropical juice. Throughout March we will be offering […]

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Eggs, Butter, Pancakes and Dates

Posted in News, Products by Jo Collier on 11th February 2015 .

Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) is just around the corner, on the 13th February. We have eggs and butter available for delivery in time for making your batter. To order these please email or call the office, or add these to your order using your online account. 6 Free Range Eggs ……………… £1.35 250g Buttter ………………………. £2.25

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Winter Surprise

Posted in News, Products by Jo Collier on 3rd February 2015 .

The snow caught us all a bit out this morning, but hopefully all our customers received their delivery as normal. To make sure we are prepared we will be delivering both Wednesday and Thursday’s milk and goods combined on Wednesday 04th February. If you receive more milk etc. than you might have expected tomorrow morning […]

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Start the new year with Cherry Good.

Posted in Products by Jo Collier on 7th January 2015 .

Trying to kick start your new year with a new healthy regime. We have the perfect item to help you detoxify and feel revitalised. Cherry Good is the newest addition to our family of juices available for delivery direct to your door. This is a fabulous delicious-tasting cherry juice drink. Made with flavour-packed Montmorency cherry […]

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